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Make my website have specialization in website design / development. But in the today's world just website designing will not serve your purpose as far as meeting latest standards in the field of web designing are concerned. Your website no matter how attractive and complete it may seem, your business perspective will not be acheived and website can never be made user friendly without few more services like:


Are you visible on search engine like google, yahoo, amazon, altavista, etc.? In todays' world search engine can help you to increase the strength of your business. In other words you can say "Worldwide Business Marketing through internet or google". Search Engine Optimization(SEO) creates relationship between your website and search engine(ex. Google). For read more about SEO click here.

Content Writing

Content of the website should be very captivating. There are "n" number of words that can be used to compose a sentence but in today's competitive world nobody has that much time to spend on reading content. A single word can change the mind of the user. Make my website loves to make interesting content according to the clients needs.

Layout Designing

Layout designing or User interface designing is very important to attract the user. User just want to read and look at the page with minimal distractions. If your website didn't have good color combination, good content positioning than your website can be quit by the user witin 2 seconds. But not to worry we have UI designer specialists. You can check OUR WORK to match our UI design standards.

Design Services

Make my website can help you to increase you brand identity with creative logo design, professional business cards and brochure design, innovative flyers design, e-catalog design. Our motive is to make good relationship with customers so, we can't ignore these basic services.


In the growing word, AD banners & eMailers are playing very important role for business development. Make my website have creative designers for Ad banners & eMailers services and we provide our clients / customers best designs which suits them. We also suggest our clients, how to send eMailers in a proper way so that email's would not go into the spam folder.

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery or showcase of your product is also a very important aspect of your website. In the web, most of the user only look for photo's or showcase, they don't bother about the content. Make my website provide's photo gallery in affordable prices.